Marcxell Construction is a full-service construction management company dedicated to the successful completion of projects of all sizes. For the past 12 years, Marcxell Construction has strived to provide the highest quality services to its clients, ensure its team’s stability and security, and give back to the community around it. We maintain the experience and reach of a large company and the accessibility of a small business. Our goal is to be a true partner in your process.


Avec un capital de 100.000,00 Euros en France pour commencer, Marcxell Construction sera la prochaine génération d’entreprises de construction au monde par ses compétences de construction à l’international et ayant une large connaissance dans plusieurs styles de construction.

Only time will tell, but one thing can be predicted: Marcxell Construction will stand out for its unique style in building the habitat of tomorrow: ecology, technology and artificial intelligence. The key is to adapt to the evolution of modern times. In other words, Marcxell Construction will embrace the new construction markets through innovation and a diverse workforce.


From preliminary project planning to project completion, Marcxell Construction believes in providing exceptional service to our clients. We have developed strategies to ensure the quality of your work; the safety of our employees and the stability of our company.

Marcxell Construction works collaboratively to ensure that we provide the safest possible service while helping our company meet today's unique challenges. We retrofit facilities to make them safer.


Marcxell Construction's experts will audit your facility, identifying changes in design or functionality to make it safer and cleaner. Our team keeps abreast of available government benefits to help our clients take advantage of them.

Afin que vous puissiez effectuer les changements dont vous avez besoin, Marcxell construction réalise des travaux en tous corps d’états avec une perfection inégalée.


Marcxell Construction provides exceptional service and completes top-notch projects in the United States and now throughout France. Our goal is impeccability. We undertake all construction contracts: Small, Medium and Large. Our teams in France are composed of Architects; Construction Manager; Project Manager; Engineers; Site Manager and all highly skilled workers. We carry out studies and works in TCE.

Chez Marcxell construction, nous parlons plusieurs langues afin de correspondre à tout genre de clients (Le Français, L’anglais, l’allemand et l’Arabe pour nos clients venant du Moyen-Orient). Marcxell construction touche des marchés aussi loin à l’est du Texas, aussi loin au nord des deux Carolines, et dans des villes de toute la Floride, notamment Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville et Tampa.


Residential construction involves building, repairing, and remodeling structures for housing people, storage supplies, or equipment. It includes apartments, townhomes, condos, nursing homes, dormitories, houses, and villas.


This type of construction encompasses projects like schools, sports arenas, shopping centers, hospitals, stadiums, retail stores, and skyscrapers. It involves both the putting up of new structures and the repair and maintenance of existing facilities.


Specialized industrial construction entails building structures that require a high level of specialization and technical skills in planning, construction, and design: refineries, factories, mining and quarrying, distilleries, and warehouses.


Construction of large structures and heavy infrastructure that require extensive engineering, equipment, and project management. Such projects are airports, shipyards, ports, bridges, canals, tunnels, subways, dams, and water systems.


Engineering, construction, repair, and maintenance of solar, wind, thermal, hydroelectric, and geothermal power plants, oil and gas platforms, power grids, and related infrastructure. Environmental monitoring and eco-friendly technologies.


Infrastructure construction encompasses building and upgrading roads, railways, communications, pipelines, and sewerage systems. This type of construction is usually done due to the public interest and is often executed by government agencies.