As a specialist in sustainable construction – responsible and committed – Marcxell Construction makes innovation its primary added value: « shared innovation » for the benefit of our customers while improving our productivity and the working conditions of our employees. In 2021, Marcxell Construction will have achieved a turnover of several billion euros.

Founded in 2008, Marcxell Construction offers a full range of residential and commercial design-build services. Thousands of satisfied Marcxell construction clients have praised our company for our courteous team of licensed professionals, the quality of our work, and our affordable pricing. Above all, Marcxell Construction offers fast, personalized service, open communication, and responsiveness to our customers’ needs.

Fully bonded and insured
Home Improvement Contractor License.
Unrestricted builder’s license
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Mr. John Kamin Marcxell, a civil engineer and ENPC graduate, has over 26 years of experience as a general contractor. He is a licensed builder in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Our construction company will respond as quickly as possible to complete your job. Terrace construction, land shaping for new construction, renovation, and infrastructure construction: our company works on all surfaces, to make them suitable for your installation in the best conditions! We proceed to the modeling of ground to optimize the installation of real estate structures, idle, or to facilitate the circulation of its occupants. We also offer a complete exterior landscaping service, including laying asphalt and paving stones.

Our business is to provide you with turnkey real estate projects at controlled prices! Composed of a complementary team of economists and architects, Marcxell Construction is committed to providing you with a turnkey real estate project that meets your budget, your needs, and above all, your desires.

Private Construction, specializing in new tertiary projects,
Private Renovation, specializing in tertiary and private residential renovation projects,
Public Works & Brewery, specializing in the construction and rehabilitation of public and industrial facilities,
Habitat Résidentiel, specializing in new residential housing,
Habitat Social, specializing in the construction and rehabilitation of social housing.

Thanks to an innovative training program within Marcxell Construction, our team will accompany and advise you throughout your construction project, in order to guarantee you the Budget Control. You define the maximum budget you wish to allocate to your project. You have the guarantee to obtain the best possible project according to your budget, to be able to freely modify the cost according to your desires, and this, at each stage of the operation until the signature of the contracts of work (the price of the contracts of work becomes then fixed, firm and definitive).