Roofing & Carpenting

With several years of experience, we have specialized over time in the renovation of roofing structures and roofing renovations. Indeed, we work with all types of customers: syndicates of co-ownership, town hall, individuals, architects, project managers.

We have various QUALIBAT qualifications that attest to the technical skills of building professionals. We are qualified RGE (Reconnu Garant de l'Environnement) to allow our customers to benefit from the reduced VAT, premiums of energy saving certificates and 0% loan for all energy improvement work of their house. We intervene everywhere in France.


We carry out all types of wood frames, whether traditional or industrial, our workers adapt their frame work to your projects and your needs. We have become specialists in the renovation of old buildings and houses. We are able to carry out complex and highly technical work thanks to our experience in the field of carpentry, roofing and zinc work.


Essential element of the aesthetics of your house, the roof must be maintained to keep all its properties. Our experience, our know-how and our equipment allow us to install roofing (tile, slate, zinc) while respecting your requests as well as the imposed standards. Marcxell Construction also does roofing maintenance such as de-mossing, replacement of loose or damaged tiles.

Roof de-mossing

Moss, algae and lichen can over time invade your roof and make it lose its new appearance. In addition to the visual aspect of your roof, the tiles and slates are much more fragile because of the water retention favored by the mosses and lichens of your roof. It is therefore necessary to act before the irreparable deterioration of the roof, but also before any appearance of lichens, mosses or algae in a preventive purpose.

Marcxell Construction is the professional for the de-mossing of your home: preventive de-mossing or various anti-moss treatments that respect your roof, etc.


30% of heat loss in a house is through the roof. Our team will intervene in the insulation and development of your attic, roof, crawl space and can if necessary help with our thermal camera.

Zinc plating

To guarantee the aesthetics and efficiency of your roofs, it is also essential to maintain the zinc work. Our experienced zinc workers install, renovate and maintain your zinc elements such as gutters, downspouts, valleys, chimney surrounds, handrails and gutters.

Terraces and pergolas

With our know-how in wood construction, we can carry out your work of extensions of houses, creation of terraces, pergolas, car shelters and other embellishments or improvements of your houses.


In times of bad weather the efficiency of your roofs is put to the test, we are here to carry out any repair and restoration of damage caused by storms, rain, fire, work of time.