Today, 40% of French homes are affected by humidity problems. From the ventilation system to the exterior waterproofing of your homes, we offer you a complete 360° vision to definitively treat the humidity of your home.

Public & historical building

Our experience with our customers has allowed us to understand the mechanisms of work and services desired for classified & secured buildings. A complete offer of products and services is therefore proposed to enhance the French heritage.

Trustee & co-ownership

We operate as well on co-ownerships of less than 10 units to more than 100 units. Our experience allows us to adapt to all the technical constraints of your co-ownership. We can also intervene in general assembly to present our services.


Our tunnel sealing processes are approved. They are resistant to a pressure of 15 bars and have a special fire classification.


We propose technical solutions to answer the infiltrations of the grounds of parking lots but also draining systems in order to channel the water towards specific networks.


We intervene on the waterproofing of building basements with Intrados or extrados Cuvelage but also with unique processes of waterproofing from the outside.

Waterproof screen

The Mursec® waterproofing screen is a technique of waterproofing by the outside intended beforehand for underground works such as tunnels, parking lots, building basements difficult to access. In order to make it accessible to all homes, we have adapted it for use in private homes.

The Mursec® waterproofing screen makes it possible to solve waterproofing defects by creating a membrane between the earth and the buried wall. This technique has the advantage of treating the weak points of the waterproofing with precision.

The second advantage is the realization of the waterproofing without having to resort to an excavation of the ground involving important external works.