We offer a wide range of aesthetic floors, resistant to shocks and temperature variations. For the food industry, we use Monopur Industry, a flexible polyurethane mortar with low porosity. This coating can be used in laboratories and cold rooms. You can also choose epoxy resin for less humid rooms. This type of floor is on average 10 times more resistant than a simple hanger.

Whatever your needs, we are able to offer you reliable solutions adapted to your constraints. We apply hard, aesthetic coatings that are resistant to temperature variations.


We have produced many industrial floors in recent years using two main types of resin, epoxy resin and polyurethane resin. From filmogenic to self-leveling, we have many references. These types of floors are on average 10 times more resistant than a simple paint.


The ARC company is specialized in the creation of parking lots. We work with professionals and individuals in Saint-Brieuc, Dinan, Lamballe and the surrounding area.


One of our specialties is the creation of a parking roof. We level the roof and apply an epoxy coating with a non-slip polyurethane finish. This coating provides a smooth, robust and low-porosity finish.


Resin floor installation

Roof waterproofing

Encapsulation of asbestos materials

Stratification of walls, basins and gutters


Recognized know-how


Ten-year warranty

We also specialize in all work related to the waterproofing of your building. We carry out, among other things, the stratification of gutters and basins, the encapsulation of asbestos and the reinforcement of the sealing of industrial roofs.

The use of innovative resin-based materials allows us to guarantee the aesthetics and the resistance of the coated works. Our services include the study of the project, the establishment of a free estimate and the realization of the work in the respect of the constraints and the agreed times. We guarantee the aesthetics and robustness of the floors.