Marcxell Construction intervenes for all your works of demolition, deconstruction of public or private buildings and houses, rehabilitation, earthworks, individual and collective sewerage, sewerage, the works of VRD, the development of grounds or allotments, the realization of trenches and all to the sewer, the connections, for the installation of your garden, the realization of alleys, access roads (limestone, crushed concrete), the creation or the renovation of carpark out of coated or pebbles of completion, the earthwork of swimming pool and the creation of ditches.

Marcxell Construction offers various services, including the construction of exterior walls. This operation consists of raising a facade: as a fence to delimit the property; as an ornamental or low wall; as a trunk that optimizes solar heating (practical for bioclimatic houses); as a retaining wall; as riprap to consolidate and structure a sloping ground.

Marcxell Construction will know how to make your earthwork project a reality by using the right materials. We pay attention to our know-how because the earthworks are of particular importance in ensuring the stability of the ground and the safety of the constructions.

Offering complete services, we have a team of qualified and reliable professionals to meet all your expectations.
Marcxell Construction ensures that the rules of the art and French standards are respected and certifies that all your earthworks are subject to the ten-year warranty. We put at your disposal a follow-up tool so that you remain in contact and informed about the progress of your work.

Levelling, Drainage, Waterproofing

Stump removal, Catch basin, Curbs

Ground preparation

Dry networks, Paving, Paving stones

Deactivated concrete

Gravel, Honeycombed slabs


Bituminous asphalt


Deactivated concrete is a concrete with a gravelly appearance that reveals colored gravel on the surface. Highly appreciated for its aesthetic appeal, it is ideal for driveways and terraces. As a decorative concrete, it offers an original marriage between surfaces and material effects and allows to obtain a beautiful result. With its granulated surface, deactivated concrete is not only non-slip, but also very robust and resistant to thermal shocks.

A gravel effect that is easy to maintain with deactivated concrete. With this type of paving, your driveway will give your visitors the impression of a very aesthetic gravel driveway. Best of all, this easy-to-maintain coating won't let the gravel scatter, so you'll always have a clean exterior.

Terraces and walkways

Made with landscape masonry, the terrace is an extension of the house and can be converted into a living room. Generally designed in concrete (raw or decorative), it requires: preparation of the ground; formwork; pouring; finishing.

Specialized in landscape masonry, the landscape mason optimizes the circulation outside the house by connecting the street to the garage or the garden to the terrace thanks to a garden path. To do this, he carries out: a preliminary earthwork; the preparation of the ground (disbursement and filling of the trenches). Consisting in embellishing the garden, the landscape masonry also provides for the evacuation of rainwater by making a slope of 2% minimum. In addition, you should know that it includes the design of landscaped stairs.