Marcxell Construction, located in Paris and in Florida, intervenes everywhere in the USA and everywhere in France to carry out insulation work. Specialized in this sector for years and having a competence of more than 25 years in the field, we take care of your works for the interior of your house or by the outside and propose you various techniques so that your home is comfortable in any season. Whether it is a single-family house, an apartment, a farm building, an industrial building or a business, we will respond favorably to your requests.


30% is the estimated percentage of heat loss through the roof. This is why roof insulation, especially attic insulation, is necessary. Indeed, the heat tends to rise and accumulate in height thus under the roof, then escapes. Insulating your attic will allow you to notice the energy savings and even the desired temperature comfort.

Marcxell Construction, uses the technique of projection of glass wool or rock wool for the lost attic. This technique makes it possible to blow in the whole of the part in a homogeneous way the insulating material which will form a very insulating flaky coating. We are also able to insulate your living attic. Even if the insulation of the attic is important, it is necessary to make sure to have a good external insulation as in the partitions. Do not hesitate to contact us! We remain at your disposal to advise you.


Marcxell Construction is one of the few companies to offer flocked insulation. This technique is ideal for commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential buildings. It is a very good thermal and acoustic insulation. For this type of insulation, we use rock wool.


To apply this insulation, the fibers are mixed with water and then sprayed onto the wall to be insulated. This technique is fast and has many advantages. It is resistant, suitable for use in industrial or agricultural buildings as well as for private individuals thanks to its resistance to fire and water.


Marcxell Construction, intervenes by external insulation for all your insulation work difficult to cross. For the interior of your house or the exterior, in new or renovation, we are at your disposal. For that, we carry out various types of insulations, that it is for the walls or for buildings of industrial type with flocking projected directly on the surface. We will carry out your work following an estimate and personalized.

Is the installation of polystyrene effective? How does it work? It is important to know that the polystyrene used for these insulating panels is expanded. In short, this means that dry air is trapped in multiple balls as a result of compression during molding. This material is therefore very light and has a strong thermal insulating power. Presented in the form of a plate, it is perfectly suitable for flat surfaces, for interior and exterior use. Easy to install, it will be covered in finish by a coating. You will be able to choose the color, the type of finish during the application.

To learn more about our business and our services, please contact us. We remain at your disposal to provide you with all the information necessary for the successful completion of your work. Interior or exterior insulation, our skills for several years allow us to meet all your demands. Whether you are a private individual or a professional, we have the solution to your various problems.

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