Marcxell Construction designs and builds projects in the building, public works, energy and services sectors. Marcxell Construction and its collaborators make shared innovation their first added value and place ecological construction and safety as top priorities.

Given its international growth, Marcxell Construction, has just created a branch in France whose aim is to develop its skills acquired all over the world for an exceptional and distinguished value in the field of construction. France is still the most efficient and even the best country in the field of engineering and construction. Marcxell Construction aims to achieve a substantial turnover by developing its own real estate development in France.


Marcxell Construction is a limited liability company with a capital of 100.000,00 Euros in France to start with. In order to grow, the management of Marcxell Construction, led by Mr. Kamin Marcxell, Engineer, founder and manager, plans to increase the capital to 2.000.000,00 Euros in less than a year.

Its invested capital will be used to consolidate its financial capacity for two years in order to maintain its growth in real estate development and to transform it into a limited company.


From preliminary project planning to project completion, Marcxell Construction believes in providing exceptional service to our clients. We have developed strategies to ensure the quality of your work; the safety of our employees and the stability of our company.

Marcxell Construction works collaboratively to ensure that we provide the safest possible service while helping our company meet today's unique challenges. We retrofit facilities to make them safer.


Marcxell Construction's experts will audit your facility, identifying changes in design or functionality to make it safer and cleaner. Our team keeps abreast of available government benefits to help our clients take advantage of them.

In order for you to make the changes you need, Marcxell Construction carries out all types of work with unparalleled perfection.


Marcxell Construction provides exceptional service and completes top-notch projects in the United States and now throughout France. Our goal is impeccability. We undertake all construction contracts: Small, Medium and Large. Our teams in France are composed of Architects; Construction Manager; Project Manager; Engineers; Site Manager and all highly skilled workers. We carry out studies and works in TCE.

At Marcxell Construction, we speak several languages to accommodate all types of clients (French, English, German and Arabic for our Middle Eastern clients). Marcxell Construction reaches markets as far east as Texas, as far north as the two Carolinas, and in cities throughout Florida, including Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville and Tampa.

To learn more about our business and our services, please contact us. We remain at your disposal to provide you with all the information necessary for the successful completion of your work. Interior or exterior insulation, our skills for several years allow us to meet all your demands. Whether you are a private individual or a professional, we have the solution to your various problems.


Our residential constructions consist of building, renovating and maintenance of structures and housing: Villas; Apartments; Buildings; Retirement home and Dream home (high luxury).


Our types of construction include projects such as schools, gyms, shopping centers, hospitals, stadiums, retail stores and buildings. It involves both the installation of new structures and the repair and maintenance of existing facilities.


Our specialised industrial constructions consist of building structures that require a high level of specialisation and technical skills in planning, construction and design: refineries, factories, mines and quarries, distilleries and warehouses.


Marcxell Construction is the largest and most experienced full-service rail construction contractor. Founded in 2009, Marcxell Construction Railworks carries out work all over the world through five design offices as well as workshops and construction sites in France, Asia and Africa.


Engineering, construction, repair and maintenance of solar, wind, thermal, hydro and geothermal power plants, oil and gas platforms, power grids and related infrastructure. Environmental monitoring and environmentally friendly technologies.


Our infrastructure constructions include the construction and improvement of roads, bridges, railroads, pipelines and sewage systems. These types of construction are generally carried out for public interest reasons and we carry them out by tender.